• Do not forget Thor is the god of thunder.

    You are opposing an alien with a god. I think there is no comparative. Here is another interesting fact about each of them. Superman is the son of an scientist. Even when it *could* mean (but not necessarily) that he is smarter than the average on his planet, this does not mean he is on par with Thor, who also has a hammer able to cast lightning (in case you do not know, they are really hot)
    Thor is a major scandinavian god, which clearly places him higher than superman concerning what each of them is able to do.
    Super strength, laser and x rays, and ice breath would mean nothing if they had to face each other.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • All the way!

    Chirs Hemsworth. Nuff said. Well, not really but still, you can't really beat a beautiful god who's got a powerful hammer and reeally big muscles. Superman is so boring. He's just the traditional superhero. Thor however, is too awesome to compare to Superman. He's funny, witty and awesome. That is all.

  • Let me put it like this...

    Thor is a God who can fly, launch a magic hammer God who knows how far with perfect accuracy that will come back to him, and can go to another dimension if he needs a break. And he is immortal, while Superman is technically not. The fight would be a long and hard one, but Thor would come out victorious.

  • Thor can win

    Even batman was able to beat superman, I believe that thor can get the right weapons to fight superman beside he already has got enough power to make a good fight with superman
    thor has got many abilities too like superspeed and time travel you really need to read more about thor before voting for superman

  • Thor is always a god

    Superman is only super in the presence of a yellow sun. This wouldn't even be a fight under a red sun. Thor's power comes from his birthright, and he would still be powerful even without the hammer. Superman needs the yellow sun to have any powers at all. Thor all the way

  • Thor has a vast amount of powers. THOR STOMPS

    Thor is also the god of strength and Thor himself said he had unlimited strength. Atlas, a magical being, beat up Blue Boy. Thor is a magical being and HAS A MAGICAL HAMMER. Electricty is said to hurt Superman a little bit. Imagine Mjolnir charged with electricity and thrown at Superman. It would knock him out like it did with the Phoenix Force. That's right, THEE PHOENIX FORCE WHICH HAS vast limitless POWER! As for Supes lifting Mjolnir, not gonna happen unless Thor lets him. Heck, Thor doesn't need Mjolnir to win this, he can imbdue his fists with lightning and lightning can come from his body. He can control weather without his hammer, it only helps him focus the power. Supes het vision has nothing on Thor, he's been in the core of the SUN! Thor can one-shot Superman with his godblast or teleport him to a red sun. Even is Superman is sundipped, Thor wins. He has fought for thousands of years, Clark:umm maybe 5y, his in his thirties so? Thor was turned into a mortal and forgot everything about Asgard. This was done by his father to teach him humility. Thor is a doctor and discoversby tapping his cane. He can become the MIGHTY THOR!

  • The Mighty Thor God of Thunder is the obvious winner !

    A Warrior God an hybrid of Asgardian and Elder god with several thousend years of expirience from battles and training. Armed with the powerful mythological warhammer Mjolnir. A magical based character something The man of Steel lacks defence against.
    To beat the Thunder God you just have to got a resistance to magical attacks to begin with.
    Superman is a very powerful Alien raised on a farm in Kansas and is about 35 years of age.
    This is an obvious fight you just cant campare thouse characters its not even fair. Better compare Superman with characters like Silver surfer, The Sentry or Shazam with normal life spans like himself.

  • Their Villains are incomparable

    Thor has gone against the like of
    Galactus, thanos, Ymir, surtur etc
    His arch enemy is a God not a silly mortal with a suit
    Superman maybe stronger but Thor is immortal and he isn't that far off either
    He has lifted stuff about the size of the solar system

  • Superman would win

    Superman has super strength, laser eyes, ice breath, x-ray vision, super speed, and many more. The only way Thor has a chance against him is if Thor trains non-stop on magic. Since Superman is definitely worthy enough, he could just steal Thor's hammer, making him a powerless, normal guy. Superman then will own Thor with no trouble.

  • The Man of Steel

    While an interesting point is that Thor's hammer can be wielded by ANYONE worthy (Beta-Ray Bill) and Superman is consistently one of the most pure-hearted individuals on Earth and could potentially lift the hammer and strip Thor of all/most/enough of his power to make this a very one-sided fight. Besides Clark is a kind, fair, person trying to inspire others. Thor is arrogant beyond his training, and would rather not use his brain. He's not stupid but is hotheaded and lusts for battle.

    Saying for some reason this is not possible, Superman could still win. Thor is strong but Superman is on a whole other level. Hercules is strong enough to fight Thor evenly/win. Superman is as strong as/stronger than Doomsday. While he did die the first time (after sacrificing several key moments to save people) the consensus holds that Superman is stronger or gained more from the experience. So another way to look at this is: Superman can beat Hercules (he even beat DC's Hercules and Atlas at once) but can Thor beat Doomsday? And Thor, while strong, doesn't have the brute strength or durability to muscle past Doomsday.

  • Superman Man of Steel

    Superman is probably one of the most overpowered superheros of all time. Although Thor is a god who can strike lightning and fly. Superman takes machine gun bullets to the eye without flinching. Superman has all sorts of different powers that would be helpful for any fight. He would be the leader for and league. Good nature and full of justice. Most of all!!! Speaks proper English.

  • Superman has superior powers

    Superman's superior weaponry such as super speed, laser vision, super strength, and ice breath along with near invincibility make it impossible for Thor to stop him with just a hammer. The only chance thor would have would be for him to find kryptonite and use it against Superman, but even then, Superman has an anti-kryptonite suit. Bottom line is, on the off chance they meet, Superman would win.

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  • Supes stomps lol

    Thor may have magic abilities but it was never his strong area he relies on brute strength to win. If he tried to fight supes, supes has obvious superior strength and speed to thor plus a load of other power anyway superman has overcome magic and is by far worthy enough to wield goldilocks hammer

  • Superman has a longer story

    Superman has more than one thing that happened to him that he became a superhero. He was sent from Krypton to Earth, he spent a about five years with his adoptive parents, they died, he met Lois Lane, and won her heart by becoming Superman. On the other hand, Thor was a doctor and simply found Mjolnir disguised as a broom, and that began his superhero life.

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Let the box office determine the results