Though his contract was bought out by the Brooklyn Nets, should Joe Johnson have a bigger say in what team he goes to play for next?

  • Joe Johnson should have a bigger say in who he goes to play for next.

    Even though the money is pointing Johnson to the Nets, there is more at stake here. Players are more than just assets, they have to have an emotional connection with the team they play for in order to be successful. I believe that any basketball player should get to play for their first choice team (whether it be the highest paying or their favorite) because then we get a more passionate league of athletes.

  • Players with years of game experience should have some decision-making powers in their membership

    This seven time NBA-All Star has played in 15 NBA seasons. He has a great record, having played 288 games for the Nets in four years, and averaging 14.7 points per game. He has been a valuable player for his team, and has thrilled audiences for years. Johnson should definitely have more say in what team he plays for next. He has earned respect, and should be involved in deciding his future instead of waiting for another team to grab him.. It seems disappointing that the Nets bought him out.

  • Everyone has a choice

    I never understood why athletes were so locked by contracts. In any other profession people can change jobs and companies any time they want. Athletes should have the same opportunities to find a new team. They should have to prove they are the best for the position like anyone else.

  • Joe Johnson Should Not Have Say in Next Team

    Joe Johnson should not have a say in what team he goes to play for next. His contract was purchased by the Brooklyn Nets. He is still under contract, and should not be negotiating with another team until his contract with the Brooklyn Nets is complete. He can then decide on his next team.

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