Thousands of Boston students walk out to protest budget cuts: Will the protest have any effect?

  • The Boston students walking to protest education budget cuts will have an effect on the process.

    The generation of students in Boston has gotten a bad reputation in the past for being lazy, apathetic and uninterested in world events. To see so many of these individuals stand together to protest their right to a quality education is very moving, and I believe it will have a profound effect on the ultimate outcome. There is nothing more powerful than the voice of the young generation when it unites.

  • Protests Less and Less Effective These Days

    Although it sends a good message about their dissatisfaction with budget cuts, the Boston students walk-out protest is unlikely to have any effect. Policies like budget cuts are expected to be unpopular, there's no surprise here, and there's no hint of a different solution being offered by anyone. Policy makers are always more willing to cut quality than profits or compensation to themselves.

  • Protests unlikely to have desired effect

    Although it is a powerful and brave gesture I do not think that the mass walk out of Boston students will have an appreciable effect on the budget cuts. These decisions, although unpopular, tend to be made at a high level and although this is in the media right now it is unlikely to remain prominent.

  • No, because the goverment thinks there are more important things than education.

    Unfortunately, it is more important to spend the government money on the army and on all the wars than to provide a good education. Why would they though? It is known that the powerful people need more and more uneducated ordinary people, that is how they keep their power to themselves.

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