Thousands of refugees 'disappear' after registering in Germany: Should refugees be allowed to refuse aid?

  • Yes, I agree.

    Yes, I agree that if a refugee doesn't need the aid or planned on continuing their journey then they should be allowed to refuse it. No one should be forced to stay in one place or forced to do what they don't want to do. If someone doesn't want the help then they should be allowed to move on.

  • Refugees are People

    Refugees should be allowed to refuse aid if they so desire. They are humans and should be given the same rights and liberties as anyone. It is their life so their decisions. If a refugee wishes to refuse any type of aid, it should be allowed but their options should be laid clearly before them.

  • Freedom of choice should be an inherent human right.

    As humans, each of us should be given the right to have freedom of the choices we make. So, respecting their humanity and inherent human rights, refugees should be allowed to refuse aid. The situations that cause people to end up as refugees often involve these individuals losing basic rights freedoms. Escaping these terrible situations, refugees should have these rights and freedoms returned to them and be able to make their own decisions, refusing aid if they choose to.

  • Cannot force something on someone

    Refugees should be able to do as they please. If they do not want the aid, nobody should force them to take it. All they want is to be in a safe place. That is enough. There should be a way where people are able to find refugees but "disappearing" does not necessarily mean anything bad happened.

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