Thousands of Saudi women storm king's office demanding rights: Are women in Saudi Arabia on the verge of gaining freedoms?

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  • no, i`m afraid not.

    Well, it's theirs and their culture's fault for the lack of women. There is approximately 1 woman for every 3.75 men in Saudi Arabia today. These women are very brave. I wonder if the government will react with violence. I fear for those women. Very risky protest , let's hope they will successful.

  • They are just starting their freedom movement.

    Women is Saudi Arabia are in the early stages of fighting for their rights. This fight will take a long time as they are not only fighting a monarchy, they are also fighting cultural norms and religious edicts. It's going to be a long and complicated fight but it needed to start sometime and I am glad it has.

  • No, women in Saudi Arabia are still highly controlled by the government and men in general, and breaking out of that control will take time.

    Saudi Arabia law requires that all women have a male guardian. Even if this law changed, the guardianship system that has been established for so long would still have a huge influence on the lives of women. Women also face other legal prohibitions, such as driving and mixing freely with men. Even if these laws are changed, the culture would be slow to change. Also, judges have a lot of discretion on interpreting laws in Saudi Arabia. They might revert to older rules if new laws were too vague.

  • No, but they will gradually gain more freedoms.

    Saudi women are among the most oppressed groups in the world, and unfortunately, I don't see that changing any time soon. The radicals in charge will not allow it, but over time they will likely become a little more lenient and will allow women to have more rights. Protests like this will not change anything for now though.

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