Thousands of women storm Saudi King’s office demanding basic freedoms. Do you think they should be given the basic freedoms?

  • They are human

    They are human. They are just as entitled to basic freedoms as men are.

    Furthermore by granting women basic freedoms Saudi Arabia can make a strong stand against extremist versions of Islam.

    Men who truly love the women in their life, their mothers, spouses, partners, friends, will support equality. Men who want women to be subservient can not claim to truly love women.

  • Yes, shey should be given.

    I think they should be given their basic freedoms. It has been noticed in the society today that some countries look down upon women and deprive them of their basic freedom. We should all understand that we are all equall in the society and that no one is better than the other. Therefore the Saudi King's office should grant this women their heart desires.

  • Time for freedom for Saudi women

    The feminist movement has now reached the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia as the flashpoint. Women are waking up to the fact that they live in a patriarchal society and are wanting to change the game. They need basic freedoms to be able to live their lives the way they want to, instead of the way that men want them to.

  • That is what it means to live.

    Each person only gets to live on the earth one time. If a person is deprived of basic freedoms, they cannot truly live. It must be hard to live in life when you can't even go outside without covering your body from head to toe. These women should be given the choice of how to live their own lives.

  • Yes, it is time.

    Its is a good thing to see Saudi women up in arms demanding there basic freedom. The demonstrations is a clear indication that it was time the Arab world started treating women with the respect they deserve and not a second class citizen of robots. I support this quest and I believe the push will yield fruits.

  • No Women fucking suck (literally lol)

    They are meant to cook and have sex with us. End of story. Jgrgyue dfg swgtr wer twty weryw rty er tytry wrt ywr ty wtywr wy try wwr ty wrty w tyw try wy wyw rywr ty wrywryy wrywy ty ry ry rt tr rytt t t t t

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