Threats from Scientology: Should someone who owes Scientology money be subjected to intensive harassment?

  • Of course they should

    If you owe the Scientologists money, you better pay it. If not, you will endure all sorts of punishment in the afterlife. They deserve all the harrassment they get. SORT IT OUT! Hail Kawar! SCIENTOLOGY, I love you!!! TOM CRUISE IS LIFEE!!!!!!!! MISSION IMPOSSIBLE IS THE DOCTRINE OF SCIENTOLOGY!!!! Bannana

  • Scientology shouldn't be a debt collector.

    Scientology claims that it is a church. From what I understand, churches are supposed ask for donations and that's it. If an individual has purchased something from the church book shop, that would be different. However, threatening letters promising to take away someone's standard of living is wrong in any way. If a bank couldn't get away with that, why should a "church" get away with it?

  • Harassment Should not Happen

    If someone owes Scientology money, they should absolutely not be subjected to intensive harassment. Scientology is known as an organization that bullies and makes serious threats towards people and someone who owes them money should not be harassed intensively at all. If anything, it can addressed through a credit company who helps repay these loans.

  • No, it should be a free will.

    No religion should treat their followers/members on a celeb basis depending on how much money you contribute to them having separate areas for them. The main problem with Scientology is that it is based on Hubbard's statement that the best way to make money is to start your own religion. Thus they will do anything to protect their income. This is why, unlike any other religion, they assiduously trademark, copyright and protect everything. Imagine the church trademarking the Bible, Islam copyrighting the Koran, or temples charging admission to services. It is also why Scientology refuses to divulge any financial information.

  • Legality through contract

    Unfortunately, despite being heralded as the best religion out there, Scientology is a very complicated agreement between the church and the person who signs up. People sign these life long agreements with Scientology which gives away all their right to sue and to find any peace if they do choose to leave the church.

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