Three Gorges Dam: Are the social and human impacts of the dam positive?

  • Yes it helps keep control

    The dam helps control how much water can go through the Yangtze river so there's no flooding and it can also be used to create energy to keep the community happy and everybody else that comes to visit the Yangtze river. The dam also gets freshwater to a large amount of people in China.

  • Yes, It Provides Water and Energy

    The social and human impacts of the dam are overwhelmingly positive, because the dam provides necessary and energy and freshwater to countless people. Freshwater is critical to sustain life, and the dam allows water to be rerouted to help a large number of people. The dam also produces large amounts of energy, with relatively little impact to the environment. Creating the dam, engineers were able to improve the quality of life for an impressive number of people.

  • Dams are not good

    Dams cost millions to be effective and requires years and years of operation to become profitable . Along with the fact that dams can caus emajor geographical damage (Hoover dam earthquakes) dams end up costing much more than they profit while destroying amazing scenery and wildlife too. ... C Richards

  • Dams Are Not Good

    Dams are unnatural and the are bad for the environment. It destroys natural habitat and wrecks havok on ecosystems. There needs to be a move towards sustainable green energy production that is renewable. This is true when it comes to all dam projects and not just the Three Gorges project.

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