Three Gorges Dam: Is the TGD an important supplier of China's energy needs?

  • Supplies 3 Percent of Demand

    The Three Gorges Dam is the largest in the world in terms of cubic yards of concrete and amount of electricity produced. When the project was first planned, it was estimated to supply 10 percent of China's power needs. Unfortunately, rapid development decreased the percentage to 3 percent thanks to enormous energy demands of new construction throughout China. Still, 3 percent is a big number considering the dam protects 15 million people from flooding. The dam is still controversial in that its long-term effects have yet to be studied. However, the engineering feat for China should still be applauded.

  • I do believe that TGD is an important supplier.

    I also believe that the dam is a major cause of river type diseases that people may encounter because the Three Gorge Dam water supply comes straight from and only from Yangtze River. China should really make a way to maybe direct the dam from not going into the mouths of people living in the neighborhood, but that last part is my opinion.

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