Three Gorges Dam: Is the Three Gorges Dam a good idea?

  • The three gorges dam

    Operated in 1993 and completed in 2009, Three Gorges Dam is designed to serve three main purposes: flood control, hydroelectric power production and navigation improvement, which are also the great advantages of this project.

    Comparing with the advantage of the dam, people focus more on the disadvantages of Three Gorges Dam, which is existed indeed and can’t be omitted. Among those bad impacts, Water Pollution, Migration Problem and Environment Problem to surrounding ecology and sceneries are the most disadvantages.

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  • Prevention of floods

    So what if people have to leave? This dam prevented the loss of many lives and saved many homes from the furious flooding of the yangtze river. And also, the amount of flood destruction s far worse than the destruction the resivour caused. So this means that it is completly worth the effort and work.

  • The Dam is a great addition to China

    The dam can control floods, save lives, create energy, ten percent of the world's energy is created there. Ten percent. Sure, the dam has bad effects, moving homes, and so much more. But, moving homes is great. Around the dam floods. This prevents flooding of homes around the dam. Keep the damn dam!

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  • I agree they should have

    The three gorges dam has created about 5% of china's energy which is much needed due to their growing economy, although it has DISPLACED not killed like floods do it has stopped MANY floods from killing people, it has also stopped a lot of coal burning-49 million tons of coal and preventing 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

  • I agree they should have built it

    If it was not there now, then many, many people would be dead already. And yes, people still have to move away from the dam because it floods, but it still holds the water back for a long time and gives people time to move away from the area. Sure, the peoples houses are gone, but its defidently a better gig than dying from a giant flood.

  • Three Gorges Dam- good

    Three Gorges Dam- Good

    Creates 10 percent of the electricity used today.
    Dam stops flooding
    Is a green way to create electricity
    Because we have the dam for electricity, we won’t need to use coal power plants that hurt the environment to create electricity.
    Creates 84.7 billion kilowatts a year
    The operation of the Three Gorges hydropower station can reduce the emissions of ten million tons of carbon dioxide, one to two million tons of sulfur dioxide, 300,000 to 400,000 tons of oxynitride, 10,000 tons of carbon monoxide and 150,000 tons of dust.

    Helped China in the main four aspects: Flood Control, Power Generation, Navigation, and Tourism

    The project can efficiently control the water from upper stream and Reduce the flood and Sand pouring in to the Dongting Lake
    Three Gorges reservoir, after the project is completed, will improve the weather in this area, be favorable for agriculture, and improve water quality in the mid and lower reach, which will relieve the invasion of saline tide in the river's mouth to East China Sea.
    The normal storage lever can be reached to 574 feet and its flood control capacity is as large as 29 billion cubic yards which will protect the Jingjiang river and the middle or the lower reached the Yangtze River

    Before the Dam was built there was a flood that killed 300,000 people. This dam helps keep water under control and people safe
    The reservoir, its engineers say, will enable 10,000-ton ocean-going freighters to sail directly into the nation's interior for six months of each year, opening a region burgeoning with agricultural and manufactured products.
    The Dam’s hydropower turbines are expected to create as much as 18 nuclear power plants

  • Helps Control Flooding, Produces Electricity

    The Three Gorges Dam, although it displaced thousands of Chinese and destroyed villages, the dam will control flooding and produce electrical power. The electricity alone will benefit millions of Chinese and flood control initiatives will help bring China into the 21st Century as a world power. The dam is one of the largest in the world and serves as an engineering triumph for Chinese manufacturers and engineers.

  • The Three Gorges Dam is a great benefit for China.

    Although there have been some downsides, overall the Three Gorges Dam has been a good idea. First, it has provided an incredible amount of clean and renewable energy. This is important as China needs power for its rapidly developing economy but at the same time suffers from pollution caused by coal and other sources. Second, it has solved a historical issue of flooding on the Yangtze River which was a major problem in China for centuries.

  • Warning from Geologists + Death of rare species

    Some Geologists have warned that damming up too much water in the reservoir carries a huge risk of landslides, Earthquakes and prolonged damage to the river's ecology.

    And some researchers also found and studied bones and skulls and were found in the water and near the water that belongs to a rare species of orangutans called Tapanuli Orangutan

  • That´s terrible af

    The dam will destroy a lot of nature habitats... Many animals will die and the water gets poluted. Also i have to talk about the people they life there. They were forced to leave their home sometimes...And that´s because they want to build a damn dam. They just want to biuld it, because then they got a lot of money.

    All that shit... For money


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  • Nature and humanity

    The amount of nature killed would be colossal and the amount of people who don't even get a choice to stay or move homes get forced out of their homes and wildlife is killed. Murdered really. I do not agree with the construction of the three gorges dam at all.

  • Kills so much wildlife

    Should of spent money on chinas people and esentials, its stupid doesn't help any one, floods too often to even be worth any thing. Kills so much presious wild liethat could of been saved, most of the energy is probably wasted and it forced so man people to move away from china!!!!!

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  • Its a bad idea

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  • Sewage and Waste

    When droughts occur in China, sewage can pile up in the basin behind the dam. Then, when the basin begins to fill back up with water, this sewage is lifted to float on the surface where it is both visually unappealing and damaging to the environment. The damage is particularly acute for local wildlife that suffer from higher chemical levels in their habitat or that become ensnared in the waste and die. The fish that fishermen are catching have already been contaminated with extreme toxins, therefore becoming extremely dangerous to eat.

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