Three Gorges Dam: Is the Three Gorges Dam benefiting China's economy?

  • Big project, big money

    The three gorges dam in china is one giant project. It required thousands of people to build it, many of whom may not have had other work, and will now provide power to millions. There is a certain amount of financial power that comes with electrical power, as it allows one to do more efficient work, this is always beneficial to an economy

  • The Three Gorges Dam is a tremendous boost for the Chinese economy.

    Despite the environmental and cultural downsides, economically the Three Gorges Dam has been a boon for the Chinese economy. The dam provided thousands and thousands of jobs during its construction and the associated new infrastructure. Since its completion it has provided an incredible amount of much needed clean and cheap energy for the Chinese economy. Lastly, it has permanently solved flooding down stream which historically caused substantial economic damage.

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