Three out of four Russians say society should reject gay people. Do you agree?

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  • Skewed, meaningless statistics

    Russia is under a leader that makes anybody that annoys him an enemy of the state, of course they're going to largely be on board with his homophobic stance. The fact that Russia supports something is not a reason to adopt the same stance, in a lot of cases it's a reason to do the opposite.

  • Horrible time to be a Russian

    What would rejecting gay people accomplish, exactly? And what does "rejecting them" even mean? Would you start ostracizing them? Arresting them? Killing them? And for what reason? Because you think their sexual preferences are "gross" or "immoral"? This is typical neo-Nazi behavior, where a dominant sect of a country's people seek to eradicate the "weak" or "undesirables" of society. This stuff reminds me of the recent movie "The Purge." It is sick and disgusting.

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