Three people in Donald Trump’s administration have been accused of domestic violence: Should Trump find new people for his administration?

  • Yes, he should replace them.

    Having people who have been accused of domestic violence in the administration sends out the wrong message.People who commit violence acts at home, will think that Trump's administration will be lenient on domestic violence.Due to this, the problem of domestic violence will likely increase.If Trump is going to keep such people in his administration, then he should make it clear that his administration will be tough on domestic violence.

  • It is not a good sign.

    It takes a special personality to commit domestic violence. It's a type that doesn't listen to the word no and doesn't think that the rules apply to them. Trump should surround himself with people who have enough respect for others to behave in a lawful way. There are plenty of other people he could hire.

  • They were accused, huh?

    I don't think being accused of a crime is enough to constitute someone being excluded from Trump's administration. Anyone can accuse anyone else of domestically abusing someone but that doesn't mean the claim holds any validity. Unless there is substantial evidence that suggests that these accusations are accurate, they shouldn't be excluded.

  • No, innocent until proven guilty.

    While I do believe that accusation of domestic violence should be taken seriously and are often controversial, I do not believe an accusation is cause for finding new people for Trump's administration. In our legal system, we follow the guideline of "innocent until proven guilty." I think that it would be a poor example to stray from this philosophy. Instead, the accused should be investigated, and if necessary, be charged and tried in court. If they are unable to perform the functions of their job while on trial, or are convicted, then these people will need to be replaced in the administration. We cannot pick and choose who we view as innocent until proven guilty or vice versa.

  • He needs to start all over

    Trump has made some extremely bad picks for his cabinet, and domestic violence is just a part of it. He needs to clear out and start all over. But this time, he needs to get some advice from someone who actually knows a thing or two to avoid ruining everything our country has worked so hard for.

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Sidetrack says2016-12-20T05:00:41.047
Depends on the degree of the violence and whether or not the claim is supported by evidence.