Three strikes law: Should so-called "three-strikes" laws be repealed?

  • I think that so-called "three-strikes" laws should be repealed.

    I think that so-called "three-strikes" laws should
    be repealed. The problem is not
    necessarily with the law, but with the application. I feel that this law should only be applied
    to repeat violent offenders. There are
    criminals with multiple victimless crimes who have been sentenced under this
    crime, and I feel that this is unfair.

  • Three Strikes Law Provides Needed Deterriant and Incentive

    Do not repeal the three strikes law! Some would do that. Their reasons can tug at your heart strings: a former criminal who has turned his life around and is now a good guy, falls guilty of a lesser infraction, and loses his freedom. That does seem sad but unfortunately it is the wages of the man he used to be. We can never count on fully escaping our pasts. The true miscarriage of justice would be if this law which inspires many to find the straight and narrow and stay there, were repealed, removing one strong incentive not to return to a life of crime.

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