Throughout history religion has done more harm than good.

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  • Its not a secret.

    Of course. Religion caused thousands of wars, made racism and killing, and killing. Just check the medieval europe. The Christian dictatorship totally destroyed the western civilisation during its time. Jihadism today, aldue its a wrong-understranded Islam. All through out history there were fights between relgioious groups. Well, its more quiet today, but only because people are educated and not extremley religious.

  • Religion has done a lot of bad throughout time.

    I cannot think of one thing that religion has done for humanity that is overall good. I mean religion is the reason why people kill gays, it is the reason for a lot of suicides, murders, and stupidity. Religion is the reason why gay marriage isn't legal everywhere, or why we aren't super advanced in science.

  • Religion has done more harm than good

    The leading cause of death throughout millennia has been a disagreement on religion. We have had burnings, crusades, extermination, and now we have jihadist crazies wanting to control the world. Religion is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity and will be its' destruction if the situation does not change and people come to their senses.

  • Religion depends on suffering

    The main reason people believe in a god is to help them with their suffering. Churches exploit this to make profit, and the people get more sucked in and eventually believe that god is helping them. The only person that can get you out of your situation is you, and you have to do it instead of asking a god that you have no evidence for its existence. Many things in the bible are either strange, illogical, impossible, or just plain wrong. Get your facts straight, religion. #teamscience

  • Anything good religion brings can (and has) also come from non-religious sources

    No religion can claim that it alone has contributed something positive to humanity. Human rights, arts, music, architecture, literature, ... Many human endeavors and achievements are often claimed by religions, but have been pursued by non-religious persons and institutions for as long as religions have existed. In today's world, these disciplines (plus sciences and technology) are overwhelmingly pursued by the non-religious.

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  • No ground for this argument

    First of all religion is the basis of ethics so this argument can actually be had today because so many of today's right and wrong were on the basis of religion. The U.S was founded on Christianity and this has been the reason for a lot of good things. In addition we can also see Christians helping people that need help. Buddhist believe that through their religion they can achieve Enlightenment and this has allowed some of them to so many powerful things. For example there was a monk that sat in a meditation pose and had the selflessness to burn his body to ash to make a point about the war in Vietnam (YouTube it if you don't believe me). In Conclusion religion as a big idea has done a lot of good. Their are bad things that people immediately assume are attributed to religion that can be tied many other factors such as greed, difference of just simple hate.(human nature)

  • The dumber you are, the more it exploits you; the smarter you are, the more it oppresses you.

    Religion has its antecedents in nationalism: the moral, cultural and legal identity of a people. To that extent it was beneficial, in that it helped to turn disparate families and tribes with shared language into a solid, cooperative economic force.

    But that happened in the Stone Age. By the late Bronze Age when the major religions of the world were forming, religion was a tool for enslavement, oppression, subjugation, and for mobilising populations to war and conquest.

    With few exceptions, religion has been a friend to tyrants and an enemy to democracy; a friend to propaganda but an enemy to free intellectual inquiry; a friend to racism, xenophobia, genocide and slavery, but an enemy to tolerance, diversity and the dignity of man.

    That religion has done charity work, curated documents and sponsored scholarship and art gains it no more credit than despots who have done the same. That it has interlaced its ostentatious benevolence with a driving hunger to assert its moral supremacy over the mind of man is testimony to its fundamental and ultimate aims.

    Religion is human anxiety made intellectual, moral and social tyranny, and has done far more harm than good.

  • That depends on whether or not you believe whats been done is gods will

    I dont. Christians will today opposes earlier christians will. So that is srong evidence that none of them are doing gods will because if god didnt speak to them and let them think they were right while they were wrong chances are we are wrong to thinking we are right. People think they know they are right and thats most people while most people cant be right because of the contradictory virtuous beliefs. Is abortion right or wrong? The majority is divided. Is doctor assisted suicide appropriate? The majority is divided. I could go on all day and bring up pot, having babies before marriage etc. but you get the idea. The bible has caused evil things to be done in the name of righteousness. The god himself is a horrible god with horrible morals like women who are raped deserve death if they dont scream loud enough for someone to hear them and help. I guess god thinks they are accessories to their own defilement. Or punishing children for the sins of their parents as god does in a lot of stories and in exodus 20:5 it says literally says god does. Yet most christians will pretend those verses dont exist and try to justify the stories to believe what they want to believe. They even add and take away words to make it say what they want it to say. Its no wander there are 35 thousand denominations with one book. So unless .000001 percent of people are right no one is right about everything. And when you claim a set of morals is divine you perpetuate its "righteousness" or evil.

  • It Has Killed To Many To Be Considered "Good"

    Irrational thought (Religion) has been a lethal, anti-scientific, virus which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions. It was behind the Aztec Sacrifices, The Thirty Years War, The French Wars of Religions, The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, The Thuggee Murders, The Witch Hunts. The list of atrocities is endless. Religion has allowed holy men to be raised above the law, as we see in the systematic cover up of child abuse by the Catholic Church. Yes, religious books have "inspired charity" in some and it has been a good influence on others. But the countless number of people who have suffered at the hands of religion are all that is needed to show it has done more harm than good. Ridding humanity of all mystical cosmic beings would produce a more peaceful world, since morals do not come from a belief in a deity. As Einstein said "A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary." If we did not have religion, would we have had the Inquisition? In the words of Jefferson " In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty".

  • The good outweighs the bad

    Religion has caused so much good in the world:

    1. Most early hospitals were created and run by religious organisations
    2. Some of the best universities and schools in the world were created due to religion.
    3. Religious institutions such as monasteries and Church colleges encouraged intellectual and scientific pursuits as opposed to war and violence.
    4. Religions advocate altruism; many charities have been set up by religious people in the name of their religion.

    Of course religion has caused war, but less than 7% of wars are categorised as religious. Territorial disputes have caused more wars, and it is absurd to suggest that we ought to therefore abolish the concept of different nations. The same applies to religion.

  • What about the good religion has inspired?

    I am a Christian. I don't think you'll go to hell for being gay. I won't tell you to die for not believing in God. I won't yell at you for telling me there is no God. Want to know why? Well what I learned from reading the bible is that God wants us to love our neighbors and our enemies, to forgive others when they ask for forgiveness, and accept those for who they are. I think that is a beautiful message, for both Christians and Non-Christians. To love, forgive, and accept each other. If we all did that we wouldn't have war or conflict. The only reason there is war and conflict is because we have people, not only Christians, who are extremists. Those who aren't accepting of others are the reason why there is war. The Bible has inspired me to do good with my life. Because of the Bible I want to devote my life to helping others with their problems, and it has encouraged me to find charity work to do. There are millions of non-radical Christians who will tell you what good the bible has inspired.

    *On a side note about the Gay marriage debate*
    What was described as homosexuality in the Bible was not a loving Gay relationship. What was described was homosexual gang rape. During the time the Bible was written, there was no such thing as a loving relationship between two men. Homosexuality wasn't even a word in their language. What did happen a lot during that time was a man raping another man in the street. Which is also sinning if a man rapes a woman in the street, as is any forced sexual conduct. I believe that the anti gay bible verses are misinterpreted with the translation gap. God never told us to hate people for genuinely loving someone. (The bible also says there is no gender in the eyes of God.)

  • Two points, one answer.

    I don't believe it's the religion that's done harm, due to the fact religion is based upon the people, and who they support. It's not the religion itself that's done harm, it's the people who support the religion. The religion causes people to do harmful things occasionally, yes? But it wouldn't be if the group supporting it never had interacted with the religious ways in the first place. That said, one form of evidence from a religious group itself, Christians, believe the church is the people, not anything else. Why is this true? My supporting reasoning explains this. The gathering of people is what makes a church, according to them. Also, Throughout history, the more people that join a religion, the more harm is caused. My final point is that religion didn't cause harm at all, it was the founder and support of the people, so the religion side of history didn't cause any harm, or good. I disagree with both sides.

  • Exploitation of religion to fulfill man's lust for power, Land and money has done harm rather than the religion itself.

    All the religions of the world propagate harmony and peaceful co-operation whether it is Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism or any other form. Religion in itself is such a strong institution that inculcates morality, Humanity and love not just for other fellow beings but for all the living and non living elements of the universe. None of the religion preach offensive wars. None of the religion order killing of civilians or damaging properties or even burning trees and crops. Religion is essential for without it there is no reason to do any good except which gives you worldly pleasures or advantages.

    Religion has the strength to evoke the strongest emotions in people and win their loyalties which is why it has been the constant bait ruling elites and religious scholars have used to trap the masses. The bloodiest wars in the history including the two world wars have nothing to do with the religion. The Holocaust was not fueled by religious motivations either. Hitler was not a religious man and his hatred for Jews had nothing to do with the religion. Even the crusades in the past were not fought on religious basis. Rather, They were fought to establish global rule by minority elites. Similarly, In the modern world the palestine-Israel conflict has not religious basis rather the name of religion is being used to acquire 'land'.

    Lack of religious knowledge and misinterpretations cause belligerent humans to fight as no religion promotes mass killing and suicide bombing. So basically, It's not religion which should be blamed rather the elite which exploits religion for their benefits must be condemned.

  • Thought yes; but reconsidered: To me, Religion has power as a psychological tool for good and or evil

    Whether religion's divinely sourced or naturally evolved through social selection (increasing the evolutionary "fitness"/cohesion of individuals in a group humanitarian pact); if it works for some for good, Yay
    The confusing element, Is how a "religions" user/believer actually embodies their religions meaning and intent. I'm biased though as a Unitarian in considering all major religions originally had/have an egalitarian humanitarian objective.

  • Christianity is different.

    Atheism cannot be taken into account, as its a relatively new phenomenon. Christianity has had a liberating effect on women in more recent times. Christians opposed slavery and managed to have it made illegal. They also pressured for laws to be made that vastly improved employment conditions, headed by the Shaftesbury Society.
    The Labour Movement sprang from Methodism. Christians have sent medical men and women to help the sick in poor countries and built hospitals for centuries.

  • Good is a Tricky Word

    I believe that religion helps us to be good by Religious standards, and as a religious person, I believe that some (in some religions) and all (in Christianity) of those good standards are certainly more admirable than the good standards we have today in a secular world. Secular morals are almost certainly more aberrant than religious morals in almost every single case. Additionally, I do not believe that events such as the crusades are religions fault. Most evil done by religious people is done for ulterior motives, with religion as an excuse. This is not a fault in the religion, this is a fault in humanity.

  • Religion is hope

    For many people who are suffering from any type of pain, sickness, depression, etc religion is a hope. A "Someone" is always there for them. Someone who will love them when no one else will, someone who will take care of them when no one else will. It stops a lot of suicide because they know that someone up there is there for them. They have hope, a guider, a caretaker, a friend, and mostly a God.

  • It would be foolish to say that it has done more harm.

    Has religion caused many problems in the world? Yes, religion has caused many issues all throughout history, but so have many other institutions: Democracy, medicine, science, education, etc.. But that doesn't make them inherently evil, or wrong. Religion has been, at least in part, the cause of many wars. It is not, however, the 'primary' cause of war, nor is it the most prolific reason for war (contrary to popular belief). In fact, only an estimated 7% of wars have been categorized as religious (4% of which were fought in the name of Islam) according to the Encyclopedia of Wars. Territorial squabbles have caused considerably more wars than the likes of religion. Ideological wars Just looking at the 20th century, the bloodiest century in all of history, we see that almost every war was ideological, such as the Nazi Ideology: Elimination of 'inferior' races.

    Religion has also been attributed to holding back science, which is simply not true. Granted, it has inhibited science to a degree during certain time periods. Such as when Copernicus was heralded as a Heretic because he stated that the earth revolved around the sun. But I believe that religion has been the single greatest catalyst to not only science, but also to medicine, education, and family.

    The moral code that accompanies religion is the central pillar that upholds society. Without which, society crumbles into anarchy. Almost every great empire, throughout history, has had a religion that they base their moral code on. Which in turn gave those empires something with which to base their laws, and gave the people a guideline on how to live. Suddenly people have a reason not to cheat, lie, and steal; a conviction that leads them to do the right thing. Surely anyone can see how much of an effect that would have on bolstering an economy. Instead of destroying itself to be on top, or to stay on top, people work together because of common beliefs and goals.

    Religion has done a lot of damage over the centuries, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

  • The world has become more secular recently,

    So there's no real basis for comparison. The foundation of our society was built on religious grounds. I don't attribute wars to religion, people will justify by using whatever means available to them. Those who say religion itself is the cause of wars are constructing a straw man. If religion were gone, wars would still be occurring and justified using whatever was the dominant ideology of the time.

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