THW reject the western way of life: Are there any innate problems of the western culture?

  • There maybe a few here and there

    There may be some flaws with the western culture just like there may be flaws with every other type of culture too. The condition the economy is in some may say is riddled with flaws and the politics have also had there share of flaws as well the corruption rate and the unemployment rate.

  • The western way of life is destructive.

    The western way of life was always about achieving extraordinary goals at any cost. People in the west will give up every last liberty in the name of some greater common good, without regard for themselves. Before, it was without regard for the people whose land they usurped and stole and banished others from. The western way of life is hypocritical.

  • Guess that depends were you come from.

    A lot of people that come here from other countries want to go back. Why, its not because this place is bad geographically but because of the way we live. Everyone is losing there freedom for anything. Can not do anything without someone getting offended and wanting to sue you for something. Doesn't matter what it is there is a law against it.

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