THW reject the western way of life: Does the western way of life negatively impact individuals?

  • No, the western way of life allows for a free life.

    No, the western way of life does not negatively affect individuals, because the western way of life allows them to live freely and pursue their own interests. The western way of life provides a great deal of freedom, especially for women. Only in the west can women freely pursue working, running businesses, and even dressing the way they want to. It is a wonderful and free way of life.

  • All Ways of Life Have Good and Bad

    The world is full of different cultures and ways of life, all of which are unique to some degree and all of which have positive and negative aspects. It is unfair to single out any way of life and say it is all negative. No culture is completely good or bad, and to even try to make the point that one is requires lack of understanding and oversimplification of the culture.

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