• It is not good.

    Tik Tok, A Chinese owned company that succeed musically, Has gone out of control. My sister installed Tik tok on my iPhone 8, And it took almost 20 GB of space. I find very bad memes and crap on my camera roll. After deleting, 2 days later it went back to 20 GB again. This is unacceptable. It was banned in India because it was outrageous; people committing suicides and getting killed. Please get rid of tik tok. Make it a punishable offense.

  • TikTok is just another social media app, Like Instagram or Facebook.

    We live in a capitalist society that influences what products are produced and consumed. Since TikTok is so popular among people, Capitalists would define it as good. But do I think the content is good? Alot of it is trash, But it would be unfair to claim all the content is bad.

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