Tidal energy: Is tidal energy consistent with preserving marine ecosystems?

  • Yes, tidal energy can be harnessed in a way that protects marine ecosystems.

    Tidal energy offers one possible clean alternative to the fossil fuels that currently pollute the atmosphere and contribute to global climate change. Some critics have expressed concern that tidal energy will harm marine wildlife and its ecosystems, but this view assumes an all-or-nothing outcome in which either humans or marine life must lose-out. With the proper rules and regulations in place, tidal energy can be harvested in a sustainable way that helps to both solve the global energy crisis and has an negligible impact on the quality of marine wildlife.

  • No it Isn't

    Tidal energy is not consistent with maintaining marine ecosystems. There are many foreign impediments placed in marine environments when trying to cultivate tidal energy. There have to be cables run to transport the energy, turbines to capture the energy, and batteries to store the energy. All of these can upset the marine ecosystem.

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