Tidal energy: Is Tidal energy consistent with recreational demands on water-ways?

  • Yes, there is room for both.

    Yes, Tidal energy is consistent with recreational demands on water-ways, because there is plenty of room for both recreation and for energy. People who want to use water-ways for fun can work around the demands of tidal energy. There are many waterways, and some can be used for one purpose and some for another. There is room for both

  • We Can Have Ocean Power and Water Sports Too

    Tidal energy is still in the developmental stage. Yet it looks promising,
    because tides are more predictable than wind, and tides flow all day
    and all night, unlike solar turbines. Tidal energy is unlikely to conflict
    with recreational uses of the ocean, because the areas suitable for
    generating power from the waves are generally quite different from areas used
    for recreation. Tidal power seems likely to come from areas with large differences
    between high and low tides or with strong tidal flows. Few people want to swim
    or boat in rip currents or racing tidal bores.

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