• Yes, the Detroit Tigers can pull it off.

    The Tigers' stats are significantly improved from the stats of the Orioles in the 2014 season. In looking at the score so far in today's game of Tigers vs. Orioles, the Tigers are up by 3 points in the 4th inning. This could very well be an easy win for the Tigers.

  • Verlander will help the Tigers pull off a Game 2 victory

    Justin Verlander's performance has been improving as the Tigers head into the postseason. This has been the trend over the last few years and it has continued into the playoffs. Verlander is also 7-0 at Camden Yards. A great pitching performance in combination with the excellent hitting line-up should help Detroit pull off the victory before heading home on Sunday.

  • Not a chance, Orioles all the way.

    In my opinion, Detroit's cursed by being Detroit. Be it in football, basket ball, but oddly enough not hockey. The Tigers will follow this trend of poorly performing Detroit sports teams by choking in spite of their considerable lead. It's not the Tigers' series to win, it's Baltimore's to lose.

  • No, Detroit will not be able to pull off a win in Game 2 of the playoffs.

    The Detroit Tigers will struggle to pull off a win in Game 2 of the playoffs due to the continuous issues they have endured in the bullpen. A strong pitching lead, as well as relief pitchers with tons of stamina, will be needed in order to pull off a win against the Baltimore Orioles strong batting record.

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