• Steam line body shape looks sexy with bulge

    We are men not ken dolls with no bulges. We are born with lunch boxes, Packages, Bulges, We have a lots to put away. I say let it out and be proud and have a field day. Let the girls see you and be happy to be noticed and not shy. Jog in spandex, Be amazing and let it all out. Show off, Don't be a prude. Girls love it.

  • The body looks sexy and gives the girl her right confidence

    Girls love to be complimented on their body figure. Not it gives them a feeling of happiness it also boosts their confidence over the public. These tights are nothing but just their half-naked body and so it showcases a great deal whether a girl is fit or not. Men obviously attract to such girls with perfect streamline body. These tights are therefore sexy clothes which any girl loves to wear and feel comfortable wearing it.

  • Depends on the person

    I see why people think these are sexy and I have nothing against people like that, The shape of one's body is what defines them and such. Personally, I find tight clothes overall very unattractive though. Not only do they make me feel uncomfortable just seeing them on someone else, But I dislike seeing you like that, I'd rather see you naked (which too, Is something I would prefer not to see). So, In my opinion, Tights are ok to a degree, But if they are wayyy tight, Yeah no thanks.

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