Tilikum the orca has died: Are orcas too dangerous to work with people?

  • Tilikum Is Not The Only One

    Orca's are very special animal that should not be messed with. People see these animals as playful and fun but everyone has an angry streak they will at some time pounce on someone undeservingly. These animals will fight for anything they are kept in a tiny room of course they will fight to get out.

  • Yes They are

    I belive orcas are too dangerous to work with because of the unpredictability of such fierce animals. Orcas are very strong and powerful creatures and when they are removed from their environment they become even more aggressive attacking each other and in different cases attacking their handlers. There was a case of one trainer attempting tricks on on orca when another proceeded to launch itself onto the trainer causing life changing injuries out of aggression at being put inside a small pool when they usually swim hundreds of thousands miles in a day in the open ocean. I belive orcas are too dangerous to work with whilst In captivity as they are too paranoid and bottled up with rage and aggression for everyone to remain safe throughout the orcas 'career'.

  • Yes, orcas are as dangerous as all whales are

    Truth be told, orcas are a species of dolphin family. They are often referred to as whales because of their enormous size. My position is that if a creature is so much larger than me then it certainly could be dangerous and harmful to me. However, there are many believe some that intelligence overwhelm that menace.

    To those people and to the trainer killed by Tilikum there has to remain the idea of possible dangers.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Tilikum is not the only orca who has become aggressive as a result of all the stress that the whales are forced to endure in the small tanks at SeaWorld. The park’s own records contain 600 pages of incident reports documenting dangerous and unanticipated orca behavior with trainers, consisting of more than 100 incidents in which killer whales bit, rammed, lunged at, pulled, pinned, and swam aggressively with SeaWorld trainers, many of which led to human injuries, including a near-death encounter experienced by trainer Ken Peters.
    Aggression toward humans and among orcas is nearly non-existent in nature, but the constant stress of living in incompatible social groupings inside minuscule tanks at SeaWorld causes them to lash out, posing a danger both to other whales and to employees alike.

  • No, they are not

    I believe that all animals, including such fierce creatures as Orca's, won't attack unless they are hungry or threatened. Unlike people, animals don't attack out of spite or revenge. Because of that I think it is possible to work with all animals, provided you are careful and respectful of their needs.

  • There needs to be caution.

    In general, I do not think that orcas are too dangerous to work with people. They are certainly no more dangerous than wild cats, such as tigers or lions. As with all animals, they should be worked with with ultimate caution. However, orcas need to be studied so we can learn more about them.

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