Tim Howard shines in match between US and Belgium - was the loss against Belgium a fluke (yes) or an expected one (no).

  • Tim Howard Shines but US lose as expected

    US football team vs Belgium. We US team are on the up but most of there players still play there trade in the united states. While alot of the Belgium players play in top league football. The reason Tim Howard saved a record number of shots was because of the poor out field players the United states have. While Tim Howard is at the top of his game having played for manchester utd and everton. While most of his outfield team would not even make it on to there bench.

  • Tim Howard's historic effort not enough to save U.S. against Belgium

    With someone other than Howard minding the American net things could have quickly gotten ugly at the Arena Fonte Nova. His 16 saves are the most on record during a World Cup match and his performance made him only the third player in this tournament to win man of the match while being on the losing team.

  • Not A Fluke

    By all accounts, the United States played a spectacular game Tuesday against Belgium. Particularly, goalkeeper Tim Howard shined by making 16 saves, setting the record for the most saves ever in World Cup history. However, soccer fans around the world should have expected the loss due to the U.S.'s record in the World Cup. The U.S. has almost never advanced past the knockout round, so as far as history goes, this loss was to be expected.

  • No, I think it was expected.

    I think the US team getting out of the round of death and actually competing against Belgium was more of a fluke. The US team was good, but I don't think they were that good and they got a lot of good breaks during the tournament. Belgium has a great team and they deserve to move forward.

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