Tim Kaine calls Donald Trump Putin's "defense lawyer". Should Trump be tried for treason?

  • If it comes out that he supports Putin.

    When it comes to the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin it is more than a bit sketchy. The fact that Trump praises Putin on a regular basis should be a red flag. Say what you will about Obama but at least who knows the score. Trump seems like Putin's groupie sometimes and if it comes out that Trump and Putin are in cahoots, he should be tried for treason because that would make him the biggest hypocrite and liar this nation has ever seen.

  • No, Trump shouldn't be tried for treason

    However, I would not object if he were impeached and called in front of endless committees for review. They certainly did it to enough Democrats, let the Republicans enjoy all the benefits of being president. Actually, I wouldn't cry to see him thrown in jail, but due process is due process. Let's see how gullible Americans will be about his deal with the Russian devil.

  • No, Trump should not be tried for treason.

    It seems as those who oppose Trump are looking for any reason to keep him out of office. Many politicians, celebrities, and the like, have had associations with people that the general public has found "unacceptable". They haven't been tried for treason, why should Trump be any different. There is also a saying: "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer".

  • Kaine has sour grapes.

    The Democrats are just looking for someone, anyone to blame for the fact that they lost the election. Humorously, they blame Russia. Russia probably thinks this is funny. Trump has done nothing that would lead him to be accused of treason. He wants to be a good President of the United States.

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