Tim Tebow played his first minor league baseball game. Will he quickly fade out?

  • Yes, he will quickly fade out.

    Yes, he will quickly fade out, but it was nice that he hit his first home run. He did very well when he first played for the Denver Broncos, but defenses figured him out and began pressuring him in different ways. The same will happen in baseball with opposing pitchers.

  • Tim Tebow is headed for a career in obscurity

    Tim Tebow is best known as a football player, but has now made it into baseball. He is now part of the minor leagues, and just played his first game. However, the novelty of this event will quickly wither away as people realize that Tebow is better suited for football than basketball.

  • No, he will not.

    He did really well in his first minor league baseball game, and it seems like he has a chance of making it to the majors. He may not ever be as famous as he first was when he turned pro, but his career seems to be on the right path for him.

  • He's STILL around....

    While the world seems to be divided into two groups when it comes to Tim Tebow, those who adore him and those who find him overstaying his fame, the fact is that after all his antics and his football career, he is still around. He's done "journalism" but hosting feel good stories on Good Morning America and now he is beginning his baseball career. Regardless of your thoughts on him, I do believe he has staying power.

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