• Sports players should be able to accept endorsement deals

    Sports players should be able to accept endorsement deals as long as players are upholding the terms of their contracts with their teams. If the player begins to lose sight of their original contract and fail to carry out job-specific tasks, the team should have the option of voiding the original contract. Endorsement deals are a perk of being a professional athlete and it should be the decision of the player and their team as to whether the endorsement will affect the original contract.

  • Yes, sports players should accept endorsment deals

    Sports players have every right to accept endorsement deals. It's a win-win situation for both the player and the product. Players have to think about life after sports. Endorsements are a great way to build there portfolio and allow them to receive a more passive stream of income. This may lead to a more lengthy career.

  • Yes, athletes should accept endorsement deals.

    Yes, athletes like Tim Tebow should be able to accept endorsement deals. Athletes are no different from other celebrities, including actors and musicians, who regularly accept such deals. Considering the admiration athletes usually enjoy from the public, endorsement deals are good ways to both further enrich athletes and to sell products.

  • Yes, i agree.

    I agree with this. It is very right for sports players to accept endorsement deals. This is because the sports players can choose to do whatever they want. They are mature people and therefore they should be allowed to make their own decisions whether they should accept endorsement deals or not.

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