Time runs on a cosmic wheel: Do we currently have a full understanding of what time is in our universe?

  • We currently have a full understanding about this.

    Now , I am explaining this . We have heard that mostly all the peoples said that time never waits for anyone. This is true but it is also true that that the successful people in the world utilize time , they understood time , they followed time , they run according to time and the day came when they win time and time would according to them. MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI movetime according to him only for India and Indians peoples and they brought the time of PURNA SWARAJ. A determined person do anything . If time will never stop the how can a person stop. For understand time , we know the value of time. A human brain having the power to understand anything but it depends on willpower of a particular person . We can understand time because "nothing is impossible."

  • Far from Understanding

    How could we? We barely have an understanding of what time is on our own planet. We have yet to journey to other planets and galaxies in our universe. Only when we are able to journey across the universe will we began to have an understanding. Unfortunately for us in our lifetime, we we'll probably never get to experience it.

  • Time can not be understood by our brains

    I don't think humans will ever truly understand the passing of time. We have tried to categorize it and analyze it, measure it with all kinds of instruments, define special units for time in different dimensions. But I think we will always fail at understanding fully the space time continuum.

  • We don't yet know everything about time.

    There have been many arguments in the past around if we fully understand the meaning of time, or how it works. I think proof that we do not fully understand time is the existence of the black hole. Time comes to a stop near these, and we don't understand how time can come to a stop.

  • Isn't Time a Human Construct?

    Time is something that no one will ever truly be able to understand. Time was created by humans based on the movements of the sun and planets, so no one can actually understand it to its fullest in our universe. We have our circadian rhythms to tell us when to eat and sleep, but the construction of numbers to accompany them is a concept that could change or be improved upon.

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