Time to take Sanders seriously: Should Bernie Sanders win the presidency?

  • Sanders' Independence for So Long Makes Him the Ideal Candidate

    Of course Bernie Sanders is the next best candidate for the US Presidential election. I appreciate that he's a Democrat now, but years of Independence have meant that his opinions on various issues in US and Worldwide Politics haven't been influenced by this side or that side, or by what his party feels they 'ought to say' or 'ought to believe'. Sanders has come to his own conclusions from a distance, and now, his idolatry of the Scandinavian countries (because we all know they're the best at literally everything), his views on LGBT rights and campaign finance reform are the best out there, and he's being sensible about the 'terrorism' going on within the United States and believes the US, as well as every country in the world, should continue taking on refugees. Because that's the humane thing to do.

  • Give Bernie a chance

    Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that talks about issues that matter to the average US citizen. He talks like a regular resident of the US instead of a career politician. It is time our leaders took care of things that matter to the people instead of to big oil or whoever else is trying to control things.

  • I don't think he should

    I don't think he should win the presidency. I think he should definitely be taken seriously and sometimes has some good ideas. I'm not sure having a proven socialist as a president is a good thing for the United States. I think he does a good job at getting certain people's voices heard, but he would not make a good president.

  • Its too soon to say so

    There is still plenty of time before the election. Yes, Bernie Sanders has some fresh new ideas but we can't say yet what his views are on all things, as all things that are important to know about a president have not been discussed. Certainly more than Donald Trump though.

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