Tina Knowles remarries: Is four years a good waiting period following a divorce?

  • How long should one wait to remarry?

    I feel that Tina Knowles waiting four years to remarry is a good amount of time. It does take time after a divorce to get comfortable dating, getting to know someone, then taking your relationship to the next level, so if four years is what she allowed herself, then that is what was best for her and her mate.

  • Some Don't Wait That Long.

    I could relay about some individuals well mostly celebrities of course who married again within a year of obtaining their divorce. Four years is more then enough time to wait. I think if you wait a year or two that a good amount of time to wait after a divorce.

  • Yes, four years gives plenty of time to grieve and move on.

    Yes, four years is a good waiting period after divorce. Most people, whether they realize it or not, need time after a divorce to process what happens and to accept the loss. Even if they were glad to get out of the marriage, it still represents a loss of what once was the hope for a happy life with the person they loved. Waiting four years gives most people sufficient time to get past that loss, meet and experience relationships with new people, and learn enough about their new love to feel confident they are entering into the new marriage with their eyes open.

  • Four Years Is Enough Time To Heal From Divorce

    While it may seem quick to some, I don't believe that four years is too short of a time frame between marriages. It is enough time for an individual to heal, move on, and establish a strong relationship with a new partner, all while maintaining their personal identity. Additionally, Knowles is an adult, and can make her own informed decisions.

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