To end the conflict, should Israel give Palestinians Israeli citizenship and incorporate the Palestinian territories into Israel?

  • I believe it would undercut the conflict and fears of political fallout are overblown.

    I doubt there would be any immediate effect, Palestinians would not overwhelming vote in Israeli elections due to the condemnation of their leaders. But over time Palestinian integration into Israeli society would erode the platform of current Palestinian leaders and more peaceful and politically oriented leaders would emerge in their place, in the meantime Palestinian economic freedom would increase further reducing general feelings of animosity. Money talks and talking is better than throwing stones (when that's an option)

  • I think that would help but would not end the problem.

    The problem with Israel and Palestine is a very deep issue, and while giving Palestinians Israeli citizenship may be a step in the right direction, it certainly would not end the struggles. The two sides just are so far apart in ideology that one side would just almost have to leave.

  • Israel should not give Palestinians citizenship

    Israel should not give Palestinians citizenship and the reason is because that will never be sufficient to end the ongoing conflict. Israel already gave land to Palestinians during the Bush administration, and to this day it has only caused more conflict. To end the conflict Israel needs to address the major issues, and that is the conflict between Judaism and Islamism.

  • No, Israel shouldn't give Palestinians citizenship to end the conflict.

    I do not think that the Israelis should have to give the Palestinians citizenship as a way to end the conflict in the region. I do not think that the tactic would work in the first place. The conflict is due to the Palestinians wanting the land for themselves and anything short of that will fail.

  • No, I don't think Israel should give Palestinians Israeli citzenship and incorporate the Palestinian territories into Israel.

    I believe that doing that would solve many issues in the area it would probably just ignite other issues that become just as much of a problem as the current conflict, I better there is probably a better solution then the one where Palestinians gains Israeli citizenship and Palestinian is merged into Israel.

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