To establish a stable world , Laws are more important than morality. Isn't it?

Asked by: passer-by
  • People Fight Over Morality

    According to Muslims we should all conform to Sharia law because, obviously, not everyone shares the same morality and they never have in the history of the planet. Quite the opposite, a common moral viewpoint is that laws must conform to morality which is why we don't already have a more stable world.

  • Morality Backs Up Laws

    You can't just impose laws on everyone, There is things, Morals, That are taught to you when you are little to do things like be kind and generous to others. Also, Morality plays a huge part in making decisions, For example Nuremberg Trials, When the Nazi leadership was undergoing trial, And were convicted of crimes against humanity, That was morals in action, That evil and wrong doing must be punished and prevented.

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