To live by the rules of the bible is would be taking a step back for some people.

Asked by: steffon66
  • It would be a major step backwards for all of society.

    The bible's rules on homosexuality, black people (who were created to be slaves in the bible), feminism, purity, and pretty much every thing backwards. Pretty much every thing society is today goes against the bible. We should go against the bible in most things. If my child was a homosexual, black, crippled, female midget, I know the bible will teach me to hate her, but should I hate her. No one should.

  • It would be taking a step back for me

    I dont treat animals like slaves as the christians do. Because we buy and sell animals alot of them are abused and neglected not to mention there are some animals we lock away in tiny cages and aquariums. Only someone who was raised being told that this was appropriate could think its appropriate. Also the bible is for having kids and i think its an act of cruelty to bring life into this world. The pleasure in life simply isnt worth the threat of suffering and misery. It would really be an act of cruelty if the bible were true and a lot of us were going to end up in hell for all of eternity. You might not think so but i cant trust most humans judgement given the things that almost all people did just because they were told it was ok. We are no different then our ancestors who tortured people for their beliefs and stuff we are just taught differently. Humans are horrible sadistic creatures who would never have existed if we had a good god.

  • Do atheists ever do anything positive?

    I am sorry, but if someone thinks following the ten commandments equates to animal abuse they seriously need to get their head examined. For some reason I need 27 more words to emphatically reject a position as utterly ludicrous and without merit. Did I mention that these kinds of polls are basically prejudice toward religion?

  • A step in the right direction

    Humans have stepped away from the commandments in Bible time again, and have degenerated their values--they have always done so.

    All of morality has been captured in the Decalogue.

    But striving to follow the commandments is not enough. The higher call is living in love. Love is the path to true morality.

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