To offer truth to him who loves not truth is only to provide him more plentiful material for misinterpretation

Asked by: simpleman
  • Yes, some people like to twist words.

    Yes, it is true that someone who does not love truth will always find a way to take something out of context. Lawyers do this for a living. They will latch on to one thing that you said, and try to convince themselves or others that you meant something totally different. Someone who does not want to see the truth will not see it, even if it is offered to them.

  • Truth Is Important

    It is essential to offer truths to people who may misinterpret them. The problem with not offering truth, is the fact that a judgment must be made against a person. It is impossible to know how a person will react to honest truth and they are far better of hearing it and misunderstanding it, than never hearing it at all.

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