To represent the people in legislative assemblies, Is the proportional system of the majority better?

  • With the majority system, The population is by no means represented.

    First of all, The majority does not guarantee the representativeness of minorities because the most voted candidate gets the seat even with a narrow gap with the second most voted and above all the winner does not need to have an absolute majority to win but only to have more votes, Consequently in an electoral college it may happen that the absolute majority of the population is not represented solely due to the fact that some votes have been spread among the various defeated candidates so the elected deputy represents a minority slice of the population of the eventual college.
    Secondly, The single-member system can cause some phenomena that can seriously damage democracy for the benefit of a very small minority such as gerrymandering, I. E. The deceptive method of redesigning single-member constituencies so that the legislator could be re-elected even if the majority of the population of a state is against-
    Dear readers, We can see how the majority system presents some important contradictions for its aim, That is to represent the majority of the population and its political orientation.

  • The proportional system of the majority is not better at representing people.

    When it comes to representation, The proportional system has many of the same issues as the majority system. The most fascinating one being the appearance of two parties that are more powerful than the others.

    If you look at the political climate in places with proportional systems there are always two powerful parties. A characteristic of the powerful parties is that many, If not all, Of the minor parties are offshoots of them.

    The existence of these powerful parties is the problem with representation in government because the parties are so powerful that they are not held accountable by the populace, But proportional systems do not help because they still foster the political elite class that burdens society.

    That is the issue, The political elite should never be able to cooperate with one another on a party level or beyond. They should only compete with each other, Otherwise the politicians become so powerful that there is no accountability.

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