To the Atheists, Admit it, Don't you wish a Loving God exists and that a Heaven, Life after death exists?

  • Yes, That would be great.

    Of course that sounds like a better world to live in, But that doesn't mean that is the world we live in. I don't believe that any of those things do exist, Because we really can't know, Unless evidence of some sort is presented. Since we don't know that either god, Heaven or any sort of life after death exists, Why assume that it does? Because it feels good? That'll be a no from from me dawg.

  • Coming from an Atheist

    Yes, I do wish there is a life after death, But I don't believe that's the case. It's the same way that I wish dragons exist. Let's be clear that this isn't an attack on religious people, As I respect and will defend your right to believe in whatever religion you believe in.

  • It would not be creepy it would give you hope.

    People get away with murder. Cases are never solved. Rich criminals go away free. The innocent get punished and suffer. Having a good GOD that lets innocent people go to heaven and be with family members is amazing.
    You can see your grandma that painfully passed away with a new immortal body that will never grow sick or weak ever again.

    There is also a chance that pets and animals get to go to heaven. I am not 100% sure of that but it would be amazing to see my dog.

    And then God will have the last judgement on the sinners, The nasty people on earth that believe they can get away with any evil deed. The rapists the murders will be forever punished.

    However God gives people free will. He will let them decide on earth how they live and where they end up. He sent a messenger to tell them and warn them about heaven and hell.

    Why do people that come back from the dead warn people? There was this man who was medically dead for 7 hours called Jose Faz and he tells people what he saw.

  • Not at all

    I think I'm quite happy knowing I'm not being watched or anything and that things won't just change to a god's whimsy.
    Prayer or no prayer, Life has been the same and this is Always the case.
    After death I'd rather stay dead please I don't want to live for a damn Eternity ( ' 0_0)_/_/

  • Nope, Besides due to definition he wouldn't.

    Life after death might be nice, Except that it would be eternal. I'm happy going to sleep due to the fact I don't have to do anything, And I look at death in the same light. Also a loving god wouldn't allow so much suffering. Whoever asked this also a dick.

  • Heaven Is A Supernatural North Korea

    Imagine the life of an average American. He goes to church every Sunday and he loves his kids and wife. That's your typical Christian in the first world. He would probably have his ups and downs, He would have awful days, He would have joyful days. He spends time with his family and he donates to charities. He loves his life. Now suppose he dies and goes to Heaven. What is he going to do there? He made the most of his life on Earth and now in Heaven it's going to be the same monotone happy place for eternity. The average person would get bored with life once they were around 80-90 years old. Imagine having no downs and just ups. It would be painfully boring. The average person would likely grow tired with it around the 50th year. But the afterlife just keeps going and going and going. By the hundredth year, He would likely wish to die. By the trillionth year? Our minds can barely comprehend how large one million is let alone a trillion. According to some sects, Heaven is praising and worshiping God forever. I don't know about you but I would hate having to worship some asshole who lets children contract cancer forever. That sounds like a supernatural North Korea, But eternal. Is there free will in Heaven? If so that means that God can make a paradise with free will and not sin, So why doesn't he make Earth like that? If there's no free will in Heaven that makes it even worse! What a dystopia!

    And I still haven't covered the ethical problem of Hell. No one deserves Hell. Not even Hitler. Every single series killer or mass murderer has caused finite suffering, While God willfully allows infinite suffering.

    Now let's get to YHWH, The god I presume you're talking about. Either he's impotent, Ignorant of suffering, Or just doesn't want to stop it. There's no way out of this paradox. God is hardly loving if he allows innocent atheists' loved ones to go to paradise while they suffer eternally for a victimless crime.

  • No, I do not hope there is a god (or Heaven)

    Earth as we know it came by random chance, So having someone looking down at this Earth would be quite weird and unnatural. There is much we do not understand or know, But for there to be a god or heaven there must be a plane of existence for them to exist in. Depictions of Heaven show it as a place for HUMANS, Not aliens or animals, Which also exist, But only for humans. This would imply humans are special, More so than any other organism. Does that mean there is a heaven for every species? If God is looking down on the Earth, How close is he looking? If he can see people and distinguish between them, He is obviously too close to see the whole world. What about humans who travel to other planets? Do they go to the same Heaven, Or to a different one?

    There are so many holes in logic surrounding god(s) or heaven existing that make me not believe or not want to believe in any sort of god/heaven.

    However, Anyone can hold their own views and perspective, And they have that right. It might be comforting for some to believe or want to believe, And they should not be made uncomfortable for doing so.

  • Creepy or Comforting?

    I think that if there was a god up there in the sky watching your every move, It would get quite creepy. Every little time you slipped up, He or she would be watching.
    And what about swearing? Doesn't everyone swear at some point? Well, What if God was watching that, Too?

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