Tobacco companies should foot the bill for the cost of healthcare of smokers

Asked by: InfraFred
  • If it weren't for tobacco companies, most people wouldn't start smoking!

    Tobacco companies advertise for people to continue smoking, by putting up advertisments showing 'cool' people smoking, movies with kids smoking, and advertise for kids. Everyday about 300 people die prematurely from long term smoking because they are constantly told by tobacco companies it is 'cool'. Tobacco companies are estimated to make about $10,000 in profit from every smoker who dies. This advertising is earning them a fortune! They need to give this money back and pay for the problem they started. Tobacco industries know that smoking is harmful, yet still advertise . If they know the damage they are doing to customers, yet still encourage it. It is their fault of so many people’s deaths and illness; they have to pay!

  • Tobacco Companies are directly responsible for smoking related illnesses. Let's hit them in the pocketbook.

    Tobacco companies are laughing all the way to the bank with their disease causing profits. They can sell cigarettes, but they also need to be responsible for smoking related illnesses. They may not be as profitable if they are directly responsible for the healthcare costs. Let's end the suffering and sale of tobacco products NOW!

  • Yes, of course.

    So many people are passing away everyday from cancer related illnesses. If somebody is smoking, their body is slowly dieing. Although they have chosen to smoke, nobody would be smoking if it wasn't for the image which comes from smoking.

    Teenagers think they will become 'cooler' or have more reputation and the school and tobacco companies, are doing nothing or very little to persuade and inform people why not to smoke and why is it so important to stay healthy to live a good life.

  • How about that little thing we call "Free Will"?

    People choose to smoke.

    Should alcohol companies pay out for liver disease sufferers?
    Should fast food restaurants and junk food companies pay for illnesses related to obesity?
    Should smart phone companies have to pay to correct the vision of people who are constantly looking at their tiny screens?

    No. No. No. And a BIG no to you.

    I'm not a smoker, I HATE smoking with a passion, the smell of it in the room and even people after they've had one makes me sick but you know. As long as they keep it to themselves then who am I to complain?

  • Cigarettes are heavily taxed already.

    The government makes more than enough money from the taxes imposed on cigarettes to pay for the healthcare of smokers. Not only that, the health risks of cigarettes are widely known in most of the world, so even in countries without government funded healthcare, it makes sense that the smoker should have to pay - it can be seen as though when they began smoking they made that deal

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