Today's stock market: Will Scotland's independence vote push down the Dow?

  • Yes, I think it will hurt the market allot.

    Yes, I think it will hurt the market allot. The stock market hates uncertainty allot so i think the Scottish independence can bring about allot of that. I really feel that the market will have a very hard time with an independent Scotland. I think the market will rebound in the long run though.

  • It will push down all markets

    An independence vote is never good for the markets, because it provides something that markets don't like - uncertainty. No matter what the outcome is of today's independence vote, Scotland's economy will be in doubt, and that will have a knock-on effect on all markets. Hopefully the answer will be 'No' and things can go back to normal quickly - if it's 'Yes', there's going to be a problem, and not just in Scotland.

  • Yes. I believe Scotland's independence vote will push down the Dow.

    There is so much uncertainty that comes with Scotland's Independence that many people are afraid of what it will do to the UK's economy as well as the World economy. Even though they are a small country they have a lot of farm land that produces a lot of goods for many contries and people are afraid they might fail at being independent and therefore have a direct affect on the world economy.

  • No the results of the Scottish independence vote will push the US stock market down in the near-term.

    The results of the Scottish independence vote is not going to have any effect on the US stock markets in the near-term. Any effect the the independence will occur on a long-term basis. This is because until the numerous agreements that an affirmative vote require will take months to be put into place.

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