Todd Palin in snowmobile accident: was Sarah right to have dropped her Trump appearance?

  • Yes, Sarah Palin was right to have dropped her Donald Trump appearance.

    Yes, Sarah Palin was right to have dropped her Donald Trump appearance because her husband was just involved in a bad car accident and events like this are always very important and second to none. Although i'm sure that people were disappointed because that Sarah Palin wasn't present at the event, i'm sure they will understand when they discover the reason for her absence.

  • Yes, Palin was right.

    Sarah Palin was right to drop her campaign appearance with Donald Trump in order to attend to her husband Todd, who was injured in a snowmobile accident. Palin made a strong stand with her family in a difficult time and should be commended for putting politics aside in a time of personal tragedy.

  • Yes she was

    Sarah Palin's husband suffered eight fractured ribs and other injuries in a snowmobile accident in Alaska, but he was expected to recover. This happened on Monday, the same day Sarah made a surprise appearance at a Donald Trump rally in Florida. She immediately left to be with her husband who was recovering. What she did was absolutely right.

  • Sarah's Family Should be her Priority

    Sarah Palin dropped her Trump appearance to be by the side of her husband. Regardless of what her political commitments were, her husband needed her and his life and well being should be her top priority. She can always make another appearance or statement but her husband's health could change in a moment.

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