Tom Brokaw's cancer: Do you think a cure to cancer is in the near future?

  • It can be

    We know we can already reduce the amount of cancer in the world via not smoking, eating right and exercise by a significant margin.

    We know there are a lot of man-made issues slowing us down. The lack of funds sees most medical research projects in America and Australia not getting funding from government agencies. The changeable flaws in the peer-review system that can send us down the wrong path {or the right path}.

    The mindset that it is going to take a long time needs to change to the mindset that groups like the Cure for Brain Cancer Foundation have which is about aiming to do things sooner rather than later when it comes to medical research.

    The idea that because so much time has passed and it has not happened yet means it is not going to is just not correct. There are plenty of things that took us centuries if not longer to do and we go there.

    There can be a cure in the near future.

  • A cure is here already

    A cure is here already. People's cancers are sometimes cured on their own or sometimes cured by diet and herbal supplements. Our businesses are just trying to make money off of people with regards to major diseases. They are not interested in the patients themselves. I am not sure how long it would take our country to understand this.

  • Unfortunately that's a no.

    Cancer is not just one disease, but many hundreds of different diseases all of which share the trait of malignancy. There are many types of cancer which are curable in certain stages, but there are just as many, if not more, others that are not. And none of the diseases that are curable are 100% curable. My cousin's leukemia was cured. She had a readily curable form of cancer, for which survival in a certain age group was as high as 80%. Her illness represents one of the great success stories of modern oncology. However, her age at onset was predictove of poorer outcome. She beat the odds though. She's alive. However even though her cancer is curable in many cases, there are other children with it who are not so lucky. The common perception of a "cure" seems to be that it is a one-and-done thing, that it always works. Unfortunately this is not so, never has been, and never will be in the world of medical science. Even if somehow science was to find a curative therapy for each type of malignant disease tomorrow, the sad truth is there would still be cases that it didn't work on. Cases that peoples' illness was too advanced, cases in which peoples' illnesses mutated to become resistant, or cases in which the cure itself killed. The cure itself being harmful is a reality faced by many undergoing cancer treatment. I know of a child who was cured of the disease retinoblastoma, but who developed leukemia because of the large doses of radiation needed to treat it. As this illustrates, with a disease so severe as cancer (excluding localized malignancies such as certain skin cancers since when caught early the many of these can be safely excised, although then you do have to deal with the fact a part of the body was carved or burned off) a cure will not be one and done. In a fantasy world, perhaps this would be so, but we live in a harsh reality, where nothing is ever absolutely certain, even in terms of cure.

  • Many Kinds of Cancer

    There are many kinds of cancer and some are closer to having a cure than others. Just because a TV personality is in remission does not mean that an almighty cure is closer. Brokaw probably received better medical care than what most normal American's would receive if in the same circumstances.

  • Too many unknowns.

    No, I do not think that a cure to cancer is in the near future, because there is a lot that we still don't know about cancer. We know how to slow it down, but we don't know the gene that is the fountain of youth, or the breath of life. Until we figure that out, we can't cure cancer.

  • There's still a long way to go.

    There have been remarkable developments in discovering a cure for cancer in recent years, but different manifestations of the disease require different solutions. While certain cancers, such as breast cancer, have been invested in heavily by health companies, governments and charities, others such as pancreatic cancer have been neglected and the treatment is still mainly unsuccessful.

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