Tom Savage: Will he improve the Texans chances of making the play-offs?

  • Having Tom Savage as starting QB good for Texans

    Moving Tom Savage to starting QB is a good move for the Houston Texans. He recently led the team to a 21 to 20 victory over the Jaguars after entering the game with his team down 13 to 0. He is comfortable under pressure and the 26-year-old has learned from past mistakes.

  • Yes, he will.

    Yes, I feel that Tom Savage will improve the Texans chances of making it to the playoffs because of his skills and also because a lot of attention is currently on him. Some people work harder and perform better when all eyes are on them. I feel this to be the case with Savage.

  • Maybe it will

    Osweiler certainly wasn't getting it done, so it's understandable that the Texans made a QB change. I'm not sure how much it improves their chance of making the playoffs, but it should help them beat the Bengals. Since the Texans have the tie breaker over the Titans, it's worth a shot.

  • Yes, he will.

    Tom Savage is a great ball player and he is a great addition to the Texans. They are a great team, but there are lots of great teams and players in the NFL and the run for the Super Bowl is going to be close this year. They will need all they help they can get.

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