Tony Gwynn Dies of Cancer: Did Gwynn's tobbaco-chewing habit contribute to his death?

  • Yes, I believe it did.

    The type of cancer that he had was very indicative of a tobbaco chewing habit. It is very unfortunate but I would guess that the cause of his cancer and ultimate death was caused by the chewing tobacco that he used. He died at a very young age and I believe that was the cause.

  • Yes, I am sure that his chewing habit contributed!

    I completely believe that Tony Gwynn chewing contributed it to this death. One of the side effect of tobacco-chewing is leads to Cancer. Considering how much he actively chewed he was putting all those harmful chemicals in his body could not have been the healthiet thing to do for years.

  • Yes, Gwynn said so himself

    Yes, Tony Gwynn's use of tobacco did contribute to his death from cancer. In recent years, Gwynn had underwent surgery for cancer of the salivary glands and mouth. He had also stated previously that his cancer was caused by "rubbing" tobacco during his 20-year career with the San Diego Padres.

  • He said as much.

    Yes, Tony Gwynn's tobacco chewing habit contributed to his death, because he died of a cancer in his salivary glands. That type of cancer is one that would have directly been caused by the tobacco that he chewed so much. It is also not a common type of cancer, and it makes sense that they behavior is linked to the consequence.

  • All hail the witch hunt

    The current consensus on tobacco products is that there is no safe form of them, as such no matter whether you burn and inhale, or simply chew, it contains chemicals which can cause cancer. I wont refute this even though i selected no as an answer.

    However, please consider that in today's world there is barely anything at all when it comes to food, skin, medication, etc products that do not have something in them which raises chances for cancer.

    Thankfully OP phrased the question right: did tobacco CONTRIBUTE? Yes, most likely it did. Do you know what else? Everything from breathing air to simply eating and drinking, and even though this is sarcastic as hell, its a really simple fact.

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