Tony Stewart Investigation: Should NASCAR and other car racing be banned?

  • Yes, encouraging reckless driving by glamorizing it only leads to more victims.

    When young people look at competitions like NASCAR, they see that fast reckless driving is an exciting adventure. Despite risk of fatal crashes and situations like the Tony Stewart scandal, people see this tournament of recklessness as more of a daring sport. With the blessing of their role models, teenagers go out and behave recklessly on the roads, making their highest cause of death road accidents. To protect young people and make our roads safer, NASCAR should be banned.

  • Yes, but it never will be banned.

    Seeing what goes on in most major sports, including NASCAR, one would question whether or not such activities that lead to violent behavior should exist and reap in the money. However, people being what they are, it always will be a money source and no one is going to ban this sport.

  • Reckless Driving is NOT a Sport!

    To make speeding into a sport is a perversion of the very idea of sports, and sets a dangerous example to society. Speeding is illegal and dangerous, and to glamorize it is to make light of how deadline it is. Speeding, impatience on the road, aggressive driving, and reckless driving are criminal and costly, in terms of injury and death incurred to victims of car accidents. It is irresponsible to allow speeding cars and dangerous driving to be called a "sport." People learn by what they observe, and to set an example of speeding and driving dangerously only undermines society. Certain video games do the same thing. Why do you think pilots train in simulators? Computer simulations serve as trainers. The more you repeat a behavior in a training simulation, the more natural it will be to repeat the behavior in a real life situation. By allowing video games with racing cars, people are being trained that it is okay to speed and drive recklessly. Observing similar behavior in NASCAR has the same effect on people's driving. It is bad for society and is one of many things that has undermined society in my lifetime.

  • Violent dangerous ignorant

    It will not be banned even though it is the most ignorant "sport" imaginable. Watching cars burn thousands of gallons of fuel whule driving around in a circle for hours. At least drag racing is quick and decisived, but dangerous as well. Nothing has been done to insure fan safety, quite honestly, i could care less win drivers die, they accept the risk, but some little kid dragged to a race by parentsm they have no choice. Nascars safety record is deplorable,

  • Steak is good

    Although eating too much could get you sick or kill you. Same with sports. Injuries or accidents can happen anywhere at anytime. Football and basketball all cause injuries too. If ban one major sport then mine as well ban them all. This is a idiotic argument and no sport should be banned

  • Tony Stewart Brings More Attention

    Deaths happen more often than people give credit for. Rules and regulations simply need to be adjusted. I'm not at all justifying what Tony Stewart did, but drivers should not be exiting their cars and approaching vehicles. Sure Tony was only suspected to be going 25-30 MPH, but try comparing this to an everyday situation. Would you ever leave your car to approach others in an area thats 25MPH. It is still extremely dangerous. If Tony Stewart was not involved in this wreck, the media attention would be greatly diminished. NASCAR pretty much hit the nail on the coffin by modifying they're rules, declaring that drivers cannot leave their cars at any time unless extreme circumstances ensue. It is clearly ludicrous to propose the banning of racing as a whole. Not only will the lives of drivers be affected immensely, but the local economy of race tracks will also suffer. It's simply not worth the consequences to prohibit racing around the country because of one misfortune.

  • Based on the Tony Stewart incident?

    No. Any sport or competition like Nascar can be dangerous. If we get rid of Nascar, why not get rid of gymnastics or football? Fall on your head just right or take a bad enough hit, and you could get killed. Even seemingly "low-risk" activities can be dangerous.

    What we need is to inform people of the dangers and enforce rules protecting people from those dangers. Give people an incentive to follow the rules. The driver killed by Tony Stewart's car should not have walked out on the track like that. My mother (Nascar fan) said that they fine drivers for doing stuff like this, but that's not really an incentive because the drivers make enough moolah to not be deterred from breaking the rules. Instead, take away points or pull them out of races if they break rules like this.

  • I do not believe that Nascar and other car racing should be banned.

    With the investigation of the Tony Stewart incident ongoing, there really isn't much information to go off of to ban the entire car racing industry as a whole. As with most things, one incident is isolated and should not be able to effect the bigger picture. Nascar and racing have been around for a long time and if banned would make a difference in a lot of other lives. I believe that this one incident should be investigated and then the proper outcome should be kept to that one person and not the entire industry.

  • No. Nine. Nah.

    Cases like the Stewart-Ward incident are isolated accidents. In almost every NASCAR related injury or death, the circumstances are purely accidental, and NASCAR is usually pretty responsive in terms of trying to address the problem. Less than a week after the incident, NASCAR has redefined their rules for disabled cars on the track, and they will likely make more changes before the investigation is closed.

    There will always be risk involved with the sport, but this risk is mitigated by safety advances and safeguards. Ultimately, if you were to ban auto racing, then you would see an exponential boom in illegal street racing.

    In addition, you would see massive losses of income for any and all race track communities. Concord, NC for example: holds 3 major NASCAR events a year, along with multiple other dirt track and drag racing events. That money, along with the sponsors, concessions and tourism that it brings, would be thrown out the window, and cost a few livelihoods. So the answer is a blunt no.

  • Not at all!

    It doesn't make sense to me how someone can look at this incident and seriously consider that NASCAR and Sport Racing should be banned. Yes, accidents happen. Yes, engaging in this racing makes it more likely you'll have an accident. But do I think they should be allowed to race? Heck no! It's the same principle with banning smoking or drinking. Yes, those substances harm those who engage in their use. But if you take that away, you're violating their freedom, and if they really like it, they'll continue to do it regardless of whether they're allowed or not. And the common thread here is that Racers and Smokers both acknowledge that they can be seriously harmed or even killed by their activity.

    And even though accidents do happen in NASCAR, the death rate on the track is almost nothing compared with the traffic-related deaths that happen on our freeways every day.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    This was one isolated incident, I have no idea why you would ban an entire sport because of one accident. Even if it was intentional I don't think Nascar should be banned. People commit crimes doing everyday things all the time, we shouldn't ban living just because some people do awful things.

  • No no no no

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    Posted by: nk43
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