Tony the Tiger is sent pornographic images: should there be limits on what people can send through social media?

  • It's just harassment.

    To send pornographic images to a cartoon character that's supposed to be for kids is sick. It ought to be a crime. Just because a person uses the Internet doesn't mean that they're giving consent to be harassment and bothered. People should have to be decent on the Internet, and in person.

  • What is the world coming to?

    Poor Tony. I for one am all for keeping the internet free and open for all but the way social media is transforming into a monster is scary. Behind a computer screen, people expose the demons in their souls and it makes the entire internet unsafe. Humans being turn into monsters without regulations, the time might have come for the internet to be heavily regulated.

  • Yes, there should be limits on what people can send through social media

    Yes, there should be limits on what people can send through social media. There is no need for pornography, profanity or bullying on social media. People turn to social media for relaxation, information and communication in their daily lives--children included. They should not be inundated with such garbage. Social media sites have a responsibility to filter what appears on their pages.

  • It's up to the Social Media plataform

    If the social media plataform wants to have an underaged public, I see no reason why they shouldn't prohibit pornography from their sites but if a different plataform is destined for adults there should be no legal restrictions to want people are allowed to post, since it would be violating Article 19 of the UN charter and the local law regarding freedom of expression (in America's situation that would be the First Ammendment). In my opinion, Twitter isn't and never was originally targeted to children and morally I think it shouldn't because the original users were all overaged, until children learned how to use internet and tainted its meaning.

  • It depends on things.

    It depends on the terms of service for the specific social media thing. If there are age restrictions for the specific site then yes they shouldn't put pornographic images on that site. However, I don't see why it should be illegal. As long as they aren't exchanging child porn. That is the only thing that should be illegal.

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