Too Much Television: Should there be a law that bans overweight people from watching television?

  • Television Prevents Imagination

    Whist a certain amount of television is harmless, there is no denying that watching too much of it without moving can contribute greatly to obesity. Not only that, but it can cause a lack of imagination in children. As opposed to children and adults watching television, they should be actively encouraged to socialise. Not by a higher number of bars and public houses, but by having youth groups, affordable and attainable sports grounds and social clubs.

  • Indeed We Should

    I'm taking the unconventional stand and saying, yes we should.

    I would restrict this to people who aren't naturally obese rather are obese because of arrant indolence. I'm assuming this would be imposed by the state.

    Now, the state would do this for two reasons. Firstly, because of the citizens' lack of concern for their own health. In watching TV, as the picture rightly depicts, often, watching is accompanied by TV dinners. The obvious result is obese peoples' issue of obesity only being aggravated. Manuel Uribe attests his obesity to the sedentary lifestyle upon moving to the US. While admittedly, banning TV watching would not entirely eliminate the possibility of obesity since there are several other means to living a sedentary life. Banning TV watching might even incentivise obese people to lose weight in order to watch TV.

    Secondly, because the state is obligated to ensure the wellbeing of their citizens. This is seen in the provision of merit goods such as education. Ordinarily, citizens wouldn't consume enough of education however in the government's provision of this, it is consumed. Likewise for TV. Ordinarily, people would watch TV, banning it from obese people would result in lesser consumption which ultimately is better for them.

    From society's perspective as well this is also beneficial. Making the assumption that this would reduce obesity makes for more productive citizens in terms of lifespan, general happiness and consequently, productivity in a nation.

  • It is ok

    Even though that is all they do so they will get fatter but that is there choice to do if they wish and what the government do to stop them? Take away there TV? That is pointless if they are already fat are they going to think “shot no tv I should go for a run now.” They are going to be lazy. Some people are fine with being fat at some point it is ok if you fell good with your body it is ok to watch TV all you want

  • No, there should not be a ban on TV.

    Whereas a TV ban sounds like a wonderful idea, it is a right and decision for each person. Every individual can decide how much or how little TV they want to watch. If the government starts banning TV, what other rights will they begin to infringed upon? Also, simply because an overweight person does not have access to TV, does not mean they will automatically start working out or being more active. They will probably find another passive activity to do. Banning TV is not the answer to obesity.

  • It is up to the people.

    As much as TV and just screen time in general is bad for you, you can't force something like this upon someone. Every parent though should encourage less screens and more out door time, this way children can grow up healthier. There should be no law forcing this act though.

  • Everybody Has Freedom of Choice.

    Health is an important issue that concerns everyone. However, every citizen still has freedom of choice. I mean, yeah, it's not the best choice, but if it's not negatively impacting anyone else, I don't see why they should be forced to stop. The best anyone can do is to raise awareness and maybe suggest controlling their television-watching time. But since the government is not banning smoking, drinking alcohol, and other things that have a detrimental effect if not controlled, then why should they ban television watching, right?

  • There Should Be a New Law that Prevents the FDA From Supporting and Promoting the Foods That Cause Obesity

    The primary cause of obesity is the U.S. diet. Far too many people eat far too much processed foods. These processed foods are laden with sugar and other empty calories. Unfortunately, for those who live in poverty, often highly processed foods are their only source of nourishment.

    Congress and the Food and Drug Administration are at least partially responsible. The major food producers engage in excellent lobbying to ensure that policies and funding support the provision of these unhealthy foods.

  • It wouldn't be fair.

    As funny as that sounds, there should not be a law that bans overweight people from watching television, because people should have a right to do what they want with their life. If a person wants to be sedentary and die young, so be it. But I also should not have to pay for their health care.

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