Top Canada CEOs have already earned more than average worker's 2017 salary: Do CEOs make too much money?

  • You aren't "paid what you worth"

    In the 1960s, the average GM worker was paid 35$/hr (adjusting for inflation). Was the average GM worker 4 times more valuable back then, compared to now? No. Is the average CEO really worth several hundred times his human counterpart, an average worker? No. For example, on Wall street, last year, almost 27 million was paid in bonuses. Given that these wall street firms and CEOs caused the 2008 crisis, are they really worth 27 million?

  • Yes, typically CEO's are often paid too much

    CEO's of large companies typically make thousands times more than the average employee of their own company. While the position of CEO requires someone who is up to the challenge, the salary that typically goes along with the CEO position is astronomically high. As mentioned in the debate question, only a few days into the new year, and CEOs in Canada have already pocketed more money than most of their employees will make all year. While CEO's should be fairly compensated for their effort and position within the company, I believe much of their salary should be reduced and put back into the company.

  • Yes, it's ridiculous.

    We have a minimum wage. Maybe we should also have a "maximum wage." No one needs the amount of money that CEOs make, and they don't do anything that special to deserve that much money. Most of their employees probably work just as hard, but they make practically nothing in comparison. Governments need to recognize that this disparity is a problem and take action.

  • They don't need it

    When a CEO is making this kind of money while his or her employees are scraping to get by, there is indeed a problem. No person should have to earn less than a livable wage, and there are many CEOs in this world that are being greedy, taking more money than they need to get by. I don't believe that all people should make the same amount of money, but I think it's fair to say that a CEO shouldn't have already made more money in four days than his or her lower level staff will make all year.

  • No; wages are determined by the market value of the worker

    CEOs simply do not receive enough credit, with lower-skilled workers simply mad that they are making the big bucks and forgetting how hard they worked to get where they are at. If someone is willing to do a job for a certain wage, there is no reason to pay them more, if you are trying to maximize profit. Likewise, no one is over-paid, either, as long as the organization is able to reach their desired profit margin. Anyone upset at the discrepancy is more than welcome to master their trade or further their education in an effort to attract a better wage.

  • That's the point

    CEOs exist to rip off the proletariat, get rich expand there company and rip off more people, thus gaining power in till some other git buys their company. That's capitalism and that's life, shell in a handbaskest. By this logical practice the CEO is god and will be venerated unduly.

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