Top Hillary aide suffers memory loss during questioning: Is she faking it?

  • Yes, I`m wondering who needs seven, count them, SEVEN, lawyers if you are telling the truth? Liar.

    Perhaps the next step should be to subject her to a comprehensive mental evaluation with a special emphasis on her memory, possibly to include memory regression and recall under hypnosis.
    The results should then be presented to a Court of Competent Jurisdiction to determine whether or not she needs to be declared legally incompetent and therefore placed in 24 hours supervised setting for her own welfare.

  • Of course she is.

    I am 100 percent certain she is faking it. There is no way in hell she cannot remember anything. If her memory is that bad, how could she even hold public office? I understand that she is probably under sever pressure from the almighty Hillary to lie on the stand, she should still be ashamed of herself.

  • Yes, I believe Hillary's aide was faking memory loss due to the actions of her lawyer.

    I believe Hillary's aide was faking memory loss due to the actions of her lawyer. Several times during Cheryl Mills' testimony she began to answer a question, changing her answer to an "I don't recall" after her lawyer's objection. I believe that, in court, "I don't recall" is often used in lieu of pleading the 5th, which makes one seem guilty. I think that this is what Mills was doing in this case.

  • No, Hillary's aide is not faking her memory loss

    While Cheryl Mills' memory loss certainly sounds like it could be a convenient and easy fake employed to avoid answering questions honestly, I am going to express my disagreement with the fact that she is faking. I feel that would just be too much of a risky and unethical thing for someone in her role to do.

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