Top ISIS Commander calls Donald Trump a "complete maniac": Is the world going to be a more dangerous place after the U.S. election?

  • Yes, the world is going to be more unsafe with Donald Trump as president.

    Calling Donald Trump a "total maniac" is harsh. I don't believe that he is literally insane or a maniac. However, I do believe the world will be an unsafer place with him as president. This is mainly based on the fact that he has strong, controversial opinions and viewpoints but absolutely no experience in politics. Because of his radical and harsh opinions, he has inspired a lot of anger and hate in the U.S. With his lack of experience, will he be able to successfully tamper this hatred while leading country? Or will the country spiral out of control. Either way, it's less safe than if a moderate, experienced politician was leading this country.

  • Yes, i agree.

    I agree with this. It is true to say that the world is going to be a more dangerous place after the United States election. This is evidenced by the some of the actions and words of the citizens and other leaders. An example is the top ISIS Commander calling Donald Trump a complete maniac.

  • I think the world will become more violent after the U.S. election.

    Intolerance more often than not breeds violence. If an administration practices intolerance towards any group of people or country, violence and hostility can be expected. If bigots and isolationists are members of Trump's cabinet then we run the risk of isolating ourselves and increasing violence across the globe and at home.

  • I think He wasnt a smart choice.

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Half of America voted for a bigot who was proven to be lying over fifty percent of the time when telling speeches. I never thought these words would be coming out of my mouth, but I actually agree with the ISIS commander on this subject.

  • Are guys seriously going to take an ISIS commander's word for it?!

    Trump will:
    -Build the wall
    -Get a mass deportation done
    -Raise the economy
    -Create thousands of jobs
    -Smash ISIS to tiny bits and pieces and then burn the pieces
    -Put pressure on Russia
    -Get Russia out of Ukraine
    -Add more police
    -Fix the inner cities
    -Make legal immigration easier
    -Make America Great Again!

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