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  • No, ISIS will not end over one commanders death.

    ISIS is a large organization and is growing every day. When a top commander is killed in an organization like that, someone will step up and take that spot and continue leading the organization. It will take more than killing the top commander to end ISIS. Many times when the leader is killed, it encourages the battle even more.

  • Yes, it will.

    Isis is like hydra, and another leader will come to take the place of the leader who was killed in mosul. It takes more than just cutting off the head, you have to attack the body. That does not meaning killing all the members, it could mean dismantling their efforts and beliefs.

  • No, the death of the top ISIS commander in Mosul will not end ISIS.

    No, the death of the top ISIS commander in Mosul will not end ISIS. ISIS is bigger than any one person. The loss of a leader may slow things momentarily, but there are many others to take his place. Still, the death is one nice blow to ISIS and will serve a purpose in boosting morale.

  • No, it will not.

    No, this death will not effectively end the ISIS. Though the top commander was killed in Mosul, there will always be a potential leader who will be chosen to lead the rest. Therefore we don't have to be negative that the ISIS will come to an end. His killers should hence be investigated, arrested and face the law.

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