Top Quran reciter rape charges: Should Tossi strike a deal by releasing the names of other offenders?

  • Plea-bargin will assist in the arest and conviction of other offenders

    The prosecutors should offer a deal to obtain the names of other offenders. This will get many other damgerous people off of the streets and save a lot of victims from being attacked. Offer the others a deal as well if they have new or more information to stop this crime.

  • Yes, He Probably Will.

    Saeed Toosi has been accused of raping several children. It is also speculated that he knows the names of several other abusers. I think he will use this information to his benefit to strike a deal by releasing the names of the other offenders. There was audio tape release of Toosi saying that some officials knew of his crimes and were covering them up.

  • Yes, he should .

    Deal or no deal, it is his moral obligation to release the names of the other offenders, so that they too can be found and persecuted. The women who were raped deserve justice and this crime should not go unpunished. He should turn in his fellow offenders and not let them go free.

  • If Tossi is found guilty of the rape charges, he should freceive the punishment prescribed by law.

    He should be tried and convicted according to the laws of his country and not be allowed to strike a deal by naming other potential offenders. His punishment should be whatever the law of his country prescribes for such an offense if he is convicted. At this point,charges against someone on social media are far fra conviction in court and he should not be allowed to receive a reduced sentence for his crimes by naming other people without adequate proof.

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